Tactical 4x6 Fieldbook Cover
Tactical 4x6 Fieldbook Cover
Tactical 4x6 Fieldbook Cover

Tactical 4x6 Fieldbook Cover

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The ultimate 4" x 6" Notebook cover design. An indispensable item for Unit Leaders, Section Commander's and Company Commander's who need the ability to have quick access to their checklists, Battle Drills, Mini Maps and SOP's while simultaneously taking notes.

Will fit a 4" x 6" flip up vertical opening notebook on the inside right side including the top spiral Rite-in-the-Rain notebooks (you can order one here and here):

  • 1.5in. elastic utility strap situated over the pen slots allows for the expanding storage of cell phones, calculators, notepads etc. A velcro sleeve over the elastic strap adds additional velcro (1.5" x 3") to allow for Unit or Rank Patch
  • 6 x pleated Pen/Marker slots on front. Sized big and small to accommodate a variety of Marker sizes.
  • Inside left has 2 x Velcro Patch areas (4" x 2")
  • Inside left has 4" x 4" clear lexan area for marking over and viewing of maps, mission critical checklists
  • Inside right has a 6" deep pocket sleeve to fit notepad
  • Zippered pocket on rear hold contents 4" x 7"

*Does not include accessories or options shown inside pouch photos. 

Product dimensions:

  • When closed 5" x 8" x 1"
  • When open 10" x 8"
  • Weight: 100g